Seeking Balance

So, as previously mentioned, 2019 is the year that I focus seriously on Ammachic. I got to be honest, content creation is exhausting. I have a new level of respect for folks I follow, I don’t know how y'all did it in the beginning. It requires so much brainstorming and effort, and, because I have ZERO budget, a lot of outreach to like-minded creatives to also donate their time and talents. There is a lot of scheduling and scouting of locations, creating mood boards and storyboards, writing pieces, editing, planning out the IG feed. Purpose-driven and mindful content requires dedication and discipline.

I work a full-time, very demanding job that I love, along with handling WESTxEAST clients, and, hello, Le Husband. As a result, to stay true to my commitments, I have just been a machine of work, with a heavily scheduled agenda every single day of to-dos, e-mails to send, meetings to attend, memos to write, editing, and it goes on and on. It finally reached a crescendo this weekend because I had a come to Jesus moment. Due to some frank conversation with inside sources in the Ammachic world, I realized how messed up my priorities were. I wasn’t focusing on what was important. The irony is, in my quest for creating conscientious content, I’ve become an isolated creature glued to her laptop. This is no way to live people.

With the help of the BBFs (it doesn’t stand for what you think), Pooja and Nisha, who are always my go to for advice on my platform, I got real serious about organizing my life. Organization is one of the pillars of the Ammachic manifesto. So I hopped to it, and Marie Kondo-ed my life. I won’t bore you with all of the organizational fun I had (mainly because chances are it was only fun for me). On a later date, I may give you a glimpse into the OCD of Ammachic, but I need to be sure that you are mentally prepared and emotionally invested before we embark on that journey.

It cannot just be me that feels like I am spiraling out of control with all of the obligations, tasks, and general life things that have to be done in adulthood, right? Sometimes, the level of overwhelm I feel cannot be measured. I tend to emotionally shut down and go into robot mode. That laser focus has served me well in certain cases, but not in all. Maybe it’s also because I am a woman, and we have been conditioned to constantly worry and be everything to everyone, so that is just a pressure that hovers over me. Maybe a lot of it is self-inflicted because I am a perfectionist and control freak. How do I break such a pattern? It can become toxic in a minute. Well, if you are like me, then you are not alone my friend. Whatever the case, the only way I know how to handle the overflow is to reach out to my support system, get feedback, take multiple deep breaths, and get organized. I am looking forward to the holiday weekend for some much needed family time to just recharge.

So thanks for joining for my behind the veil rant. I hope you found it helpful, maybe slightly humorous? Until next time!



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