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Paris is the city of love, and I just simply love it. There is something about the energy of this city that I can't put my finger on; it is both exuberant and relaxed, romantic and modern. From the architecture to the people, it has a je ne sais quoi that reverberates within me. Even Le Husband, a staunch New Yorker, announced he would be willing to move here. To turn a New Yorker is no small feat my friends.

This was not a satisfying food trip, mainly because my itinerary revolved around absorbing as much art and sights as much as possible. We went to a lot of brassieres and went for classic French city food. I realize now that our food spots should have been more fusion driven, especially because of the large Moroccan, Vietnamese and Sri Lankan Parisians. So this guide will be more about sights and sounds I'll be sure to do that the next time.

We stayed at the Hotel Malte, a very cute boutique hotel filled with bright colors on the Rue de Richelieu. It was right near Palais Royal and the Louvre. The location made for lovely, picturesque strolls, especially in the mornings. We'd sit by the fountain and I'd write while Le Husband napped.

Because we only had three days, we wanted to take one day to take in all of the major tourist spots. So our first stop was the Louvre. I had bought tickets ahead of time for a specific time slot. I did the same at the Museo Vaticano. This is another tip of mine; if you hate waiting in lines, buying tickets online ahead of time makes life so much easier. There is heightened security everywhere in Europe, due to the recent unfortunate terrorist attacks, so be sure to budget extra time. We zoomed past the line and gunned straight for the Mona Lisa because the crowds to see her are very intense. After wading through Asian tourist, we snapped a few pics, and then commenced wandering. We took about 3 hours to soak everything in.

From there, we walked over to the Notre Dame, which led to another line. We got lucky: the choir was rehearsing so we got to listen to beautiful Gregorian chants as we wandered.

One of the places I was stoked to visit was Shakespeare & Co., the original. It was owned by George Whitman, an American expat, where he sold second hand books and gave shelter to struggling writers such as Allen Ginsberg, James Baldwin, Samuel Beckett, and Henry Miller. The store was modeled after Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare & Co. that gave shelter to F.Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Man Ray. It is a book lover's dream, filled with cozy nooks, novels of every genre imaginable stacked haphazardly all over the place, a quaint balcony overlooking the Seine. Just walking in enveloped me with so much inspiration, probably courtesy of all those geniuses that haunt these hallowed halls. Recording and photographing is strictly prohibited, but Le Husband, ever the New Yorker with a disregard for rules, put our camera on record as he walked around. So in our vlog, you'll get a little snapshot into this paradise.

We found that shuttling around the sites would be most fun via ferry, with tickets that last 24 hours and stop right in front of all of the major sites. We got to go from the Eiffel tower all the way down to the end of Paris and come back around. Here is the link:

We spent one whole day in Versailles, an experience that requires its own blog, so stay tuned for that!

Check out our snapshot video below:

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