Couture Still Reigns Supreme

Am I the only one who spends a good chunk of her day drooling over things that I will never be able to afford? Raise your hand if you are a fellow member of the Million Dollar Taste with Zero Dollar Budget club. Hi, welcome, this is a safe space.

So Couture Week is the event of all events for my club (see above) and it always makes me ask the following:why does couture still matter? Why even bother? It's astronomically expensive clothes marching down on perfect bodies. It's not just out of reach, it's in a whole other universe.

Yet, every season comes, and I stalk YouTube for the release of the full shows and reserve a Saturday morning to watch in their entirety, chai in hand. And it really it just comes down to one

thing: this is where it all begins.

Couture is the start of the fashion pyramid. What we see walking down those runways gets distilled into every fast fashion store from Zara to Forever 21 to J.Crew. It starts and dictates the trends. But it also provides a mirror to our world. Each season, every design house provides us with an interpretation of the current climate and they manage to find beauty, which is no small feat in this day and age. There is a running commentary of the state of affairs with every presentation. Those runways flow into fashion magazines, and red carpets. It directs what we discover in our feeds. It wields tremendous influence and holds incredible weight.

But why does it need to be?

Couture has to be because it is the preservation of craftsmanship. It is a testament to the ability of people to dream and create garments that leave us breathless. The moment you see a piece coming down the runway that makes you take a step back and acknowledge the mind that envisioned it and the hands it took to cut, sew and embroider. Each piece has priceless talent behind it. In a world where we are all just looking for the cheapest option, the couture runway is a place that demands its worth. It is beyond money in a way, though it is, at its core, a business. It is a reminder of the dignity in skills.

So couture is really the time to start anew for the year and for your wardrobe, but it also allows for some whimsy and fun to enter into our fashion imagination. So dream away ladies and gents.

Below, I've attached my Style Saturday video, which breaks down the top trends I saw for this season that I think we could all incorporate into our wardrobes. Enjoy!

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