Becoming Ammachic

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Being called an "ammachi" can be seen as a negative in my first-generation Malayalee American circle. However, with age and some, I stress some, wisdom, I've come to embrace my grandmotherly tendencies.

Such tendencies are:

  • being against loud places

  • preferring a nice cup of chai over a glass of wine

  • perusing recipes for roasts

  • joining gardening forums

I've also nurtured a love for the opera, ballet, and museums, which, whenever I look around, the average age in attendance is probably 60. I admit to referring to teenagers in my neighborhood as youths or hoodlums, depending on how they irritate me at that moment.

But I'm not just an uncool grandma; I mean, I am somewhat in my twenties. I'm still very much into Insta-stalking, hipster cafes, contouring, and FaceTime. I just feel it's high time that those of us with an old soul and elderly habits celebrate it.

So Bienvenue, (yes, I am bougie and drop French words whenever the opportunity presents itself), to Ammachic, my little world celebrating and embracing my inner 70 year old.

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