Ammachic Hacks: DIY Wedding Invites

I am coming up on my one year anniversary, which has led me to unblock a lot of wedding planning memories. Don't get me wrong, the wedding was beautiful and I am very happy being married. But, I am low-key suffering from PTSD from the planning, but you know, I did it for love. While unblocking these memories, I spent some time remembering the fun moments, from shopping, to creating looks, to tasting food, and DIYing our wedding invites.

Obviously my wedding would have a DIY because this is Ammachic; obviously, a love of calligraphy is a prerequisite coupled with a love for DIY would lead to invitations being the perfect project. Actually, the amount of time I have wasted drooling over paper at Papyrus is kinda embarrassing. I also follow a lot of calligraphy accounts on Instagram (great to soothe the mind before bed). So it is only natural that I spent an inordinate amount of time coming up with the perfect invite.

I know it would have been easier to just go get invites in India, but I refused to accept anything less than 300 lb. card stock. I also was adamant that I wanted beautiful calligraphy, with a mix of fonts. Since our wedding theme was the Great Gatsby meets the Raj, there really were no clear colors, and we leaned towards creams and golds.

Etsy is a Desi Grandma's dream, so off I went to find a downloadable wedding invite format and, boy, did I find it. I paid $25.00 for the this template from the Swell and Grand Shop, which included a cute twist on the RSVP card that asked for song requests for our deejay. Le Husband and I enjoyed chuckling over them through the tears of wedding planning.

After I bought the template, and inserted our information, I then went on to Paper Source, where I had a 25% promo code. I bought envelopes for the invites and the RSVP cards, and I bought 8.5" x 11" 300 lb. cream card stock for 300 invites, all which cost me $268.00. Then I brought the paper over to Circle Press Printing in Manhattan, who charged me $161 to print and cut the invites. I bought a sleeve insert in order to organize the individual pieces from that cost me about $98.00, because I bought them on sale, which they constantly have, you just need to monitor. So altogether, my invites cost me, including stamps, $650, which is about $2. 50 for the entire card package. I compared it to, where I found a similar design and the same wedding suite package, sans envelopes and stamps, is $1,650. So, yeah, it is possible to hack wedding invites without the expensive price tags.

Below are the results of my hacks, I hope you found this helpful:

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